Returning Sounds is the title of debut cd of Hob-beats Percussion Duo. The cd was edited by DUX in 2008. There're few polish pieces wrote for Hob-beats which are the world's premiere recordings on the cd: M. Bembinow Returning Sounds for Magda&Milosz, Anna Ignatowicz-Glińska Passacaglia and other great percussion duo works. The cd is avaliable in good music stores.

Track list

  1. Anna Ignatowicz-Glińska - Passacaglia *
  2. Rolf Wallin - Twine
    Miłosz Bembinow - Returning Sounds for Magda & Miłosz
  3. The Smudge of Introduction
  4. I. Gate One As Always
  5. II. The Smudge of Brightness
  6. III. Freedom As Always
  7. IV. The Smudge of Darkness
  8. V. Seven Gates As Always
  9. Jacob ter Veldhuis - Goldrush
  10. Marcin Błażewicz - Sahaj Manush *

* world premiere