Pękala Kordylasińska Pękala
+ Asuna Arashi


Sleep deprivation and the state of endlessly staying alert have broken the greatest (wo)men; imagine what it did to us. It was at that point that I decided to make a new record. The only thing I needed from the arts around me was a soothing feeling and a confirmation that everything makes sense, that against all odds, everything will be fine. This is why the record is made of compositions steeped in slow, drone-like music that takes time to unfold. The plan for this project was complemented almost by accident. On a short trip to Hamburg with my other outfit where I pose as my alter ego Crackin' Mitch, the latter met Asuna Arashi and was fascinated by the Japanese artist's live. Asuna, as a performer and musician, perfectly bridges noise with the softness of drones and using toys as instruments. So, back in Warsaw, I realized that inviting the artist from the land of the most beautiful cherry blossoms will place the new record of the Pękala Kordylasińska Pękala duo on the right track. My wife, Magda, and I recorded with Asuna first tracks in January 2017. Other pieces came naturally. I just had to think back to the time spent with Asuna—him sitting at our table and playing with our kids; their conversations in the language of looks and onomatopoeias.

Created in the way described above, this record is dedicated to our children, Tytus, Stefek, and Tadzik. The feeling that we wanted to convey is best described by my Dad in his poem from his book of poems titled How a dad was fixing the sun.

Somehow Calmer

When our babies are asleep
Somehow calmer I can seem them
In dozens of years
Without me, without you.

These words are the record's motto and their Japanese translation is featured on the cover.

To close, I need to mention the musical layer. The record is bracketed with two compositions by Witold Lutosławski: Interludium and L'Angeluque from the collection Chantefleurs et Chantefables. We were able to perform unusual versions of these compositions thanks to our friend Andrzej Bauer who kindly helped us obtain a permission from the Witold Lutosławski estate. The remaining pieces, composed mostly by me, flow directly from Interludium, hence the drones, abstract motives, and a juxtaposition of movement with stillness.

I hope that the sound and aura of Modular will be engaging to the listeners and won't leave them indifferent. Let's not forget: everything will be fine.

Track list:
  1. Witold Lutosławski – Interludium (arr. Miłosz Pękala)
  2. Miłosz Pękala/Asuna Arashi – Minimal #1
  3. Miłosz Pękala – Modular #2
  4. Miłosz Pękala/Asuna Arashi – Drone #1
  5. Miłosz Pękala – Maszyny #1
  6. Miłosz Pękala/Asuna Arashi – Drone #2
  7. Witold Lutosławski – L'Angelique (arr. Miłosz Pękala)


Miłosz Pękala: vibraphone, percussions instruments, synthesizers, electro-acoustics devices
Magdalena Kordylasińska-Pękala: marimba, percussion instruments
Asuna Arashi: synthesizers, electro-acoustics devices

Recording: Studio Futoma, February 2018
Recording engineer: Miłosz Pękala
Mix: Futoma
Mastering: Piotr Zabrodzki
Cover design: Macio

Information for the press:

PIKIP - Modular - photos, texts in polish and english (ZIP, 8.5MB)