For me, closeness and interaction are very important in my contact with the world that extends just below the layer of skin that protects me. I am not fond of superficiality; I prefer deep and developed relationships. They are not easy, of course: they require time and energy. Closest to my inner soundworld are percussion instruments. I have been working on my relationship with them for many years. MONOPERCUSSION represents a summary of the current state of our intimacy.


Works for Percussion and Electro-Acoustic Devices

is a second album of our duo formerly known as Hob-beats Percussion Duo. In large part it is devoted to the work of the German avantgarde artist Felix Kubin. We started our cooperation with the composer in 2014. Since that time we have constantly drawn inspiration from electronic music, especially the works of Kubin. Compositions Renaissance Gameboy #1 and #2 (2011) were originally written for violin, saxophone, cello, piano, drums and tape. The new versions transport Kubin’s compositions into the world of extended percussion set, with marimba and vibraphone placed in the center. Additionally, several parts were recorded on tape.


Hob-beats Percussion Duo - Returning sounds

Returning Sounds is the title of debut cd of Hob-beats Percussion Duo. The cd was edited by DUX in 2008. There're few polish pieces wrote for Hob-beats which are the world's premiere recordings on the cd: M. Bembinow Returning Sounds for Magda&Milosz, Anna Ignatowicz-Glińska Passacaglia and other great percussion duo works.